Mixed Martial Arts for Autism [MMA4A]
Children's MMA gear: sneakers and boxing gloves

Building skills and self-confidence
in a fun environment

Our program is specifically designed for children on the Autism spectrum. Combining fitness, martial arts and life skills makes our class both a fun and fulfilling experience for your child. Please explore the site and contact us with questions or feedback. Our winter program is currently in session – registration remains open and our coaches look forward to meeting you!

Thanks to our supporters

We're thankful to Grapplers Quest for having us at the competition in Boston as part of the UFC 118 Fan Expo – it was a pleasure to be there raising awareness! We would also like to thank Autism Radio and Grappling Autism for their continued support.


Please note: This web site is in progress. Content will be added and updated as the program progresses and plans are solidified. Thank you for your patience!