Mixed Martial Arts for Autism [MMA4A]
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Boy using hand weights


Current volunteers include a behavioral consultant, experienced martial artists versed in a variety of traditional and contemporary forms, peer role models and students from Fitchburg State College's special education program. Please contact us if you'd like to help!


Gift cards for therapy- and sports-related retailers, such as Therapro, Ringside or Everlast, can be used to purchase supports and equipment as needed. Weekly supplies — such as hand sanitizer, juice boxes and child-sized water bottles — are greatly appreciated as well.


Donations can be made directly or via our sponsor (www.arccm.org), stipulating support for the Mixed Martial Arts for Autism program. Funds defray the costs of overhead and equipment, improve our workspace and fund incorporation as a non-profit — in addition to providing program scholarships for families in need of assistance.