Mixed Martial Arts for Autism [MMA4A]
Girl with black training gloves

A workout with a larger purpose

Our program helps students develop social skills, cultivate friendships, improve self-control, refine and strengthen motor functions, and build confidence. We break down big goals into smaller, more attainable steps. Week by week, skill levels improve and confidence grows. Each set of stations presents a new challenge that students will learn to meet and exceed — generating confidence which improves all areas of their lives. After a greeting and warm-up, groups rotate through fun, skill-oriented stations. We have an excellent staff of very patient instructors who have fun with the kids, while also setting clear limits and boundaries. Coaches and peer role models aide in demonstration and instruction — and storyboards are being developed to provide visual support for those who learn best using a multidisciplinary approach. The children regroup at the end for a reward and dismissal, and we encourage them to carry the social skills, self-discipline and confidence they acquire into all areas of their lives.